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Is this REALLY what the Bible says about Hell? Responding to Allen Parr

September 8, 2023

By Tim Barber

Allen Parr recently put out a video breaking down 5 different views of Hell within Christendom. Allen’s a great guy, and usually really even-handed even with views with which he disagrees.

When he got to the view that’s closest to the one I hold, he said a few things about which I was, well… disappointed.

In today’s video, we’re diving deep into a nuanced discussion about Annihilationism / Conditional Immortality, a theological view that has often been misunderstood within the Christian community.

📖 What we’ll cover in this video:

• A brief overview of Annihilationism & Conditional Immortality: What do they really mean?
• Common misconceptions and misrepresentations surrounding these beliefs. Do we land on this view because of Philosophy, or can we arrive there from Scripture first?
• How the concept of Conditional Immortality aligns with scripture.
• Addressing common counterarguments and interpretations… including the Big 3 verses that seem to support Eternal Conscious Torment.
• The importance of understanding these doctrines in the broader context of Christian eschatology.

🙏 It’s essential for us as believers to approach theological discussions with an open heart and mind, always seeking God’s truth above all else. Join me as we explore these topics!

Further up and further in!

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