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An Honest Conversation About the Future of “The Overlap Life”

May 1, 2024

By Tim Barber

In my latest video, I open up about the season of change and growth I have been experiencing in my personal and spiritual life.

This journey has led me to reevaluate my beliefs and the content I wish to share on this channel. Starting with a focus on understanding eternity through the lens of the Bible, I have been on a path of unraveling and rebuilding my doctrinal stances. This process has sparked discussions on various theological topics, including Calvinism, open theism, annihilationism, and ecclesiology.

As I navigate through doctrinal shifts and face opposition from some in my community, I remain steadfast in my pursuit of understanding the deep truths hidden within the original Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible. My desire to strip away layers of theological debates and present the raw, unfiltered message of the Scriptures has been fueled by scholars like N. T. Wright and Michael Heiser.

This has been a pretty big shift! I am at a point where I need your help to shape the future of this channel and ministry.

For those who have supported me all this time – and for those who have challenged me by disagreeing in love, I am deeply appreciative of you all. So without further ado, I invite you to watch the full video and participate in the survey to help mold the future of this ministry.

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