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Eschatology Matters – An Exploration of Eschatology and Life After Death

December 19, 2023

By Tim Barber

Have you ever questioned the purpose of our existence in this world, if spiritual existence continues after physical death, or about the ultimate destiny of humanity towards the end of the world? These complex questions fall under the subject of Eschatology in Christian theology.

Eschatology is intriguing; it connects our life today with the substance of our faith, influencing our actions, motivations, and behaviors. For a Christian, a follower of Jesus, understanding Eschatology profoundly influences their daily life, often more than most people realize.

Recently, I engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Steve Hafley, a good friend and author of “Until Death Be Defeated,” which can be found on Amazon. His deep understanding and interpretation of biblical Eschatology significantly expanded my perspective on the matter.

Steve lucidly explains the themes of the intermediate state of being and eternal state, both for the righteous and the wicked. In the Christian context, the “intermediate state” refers to what transpires between an individual’s death and the resurrection of Christ. The “eternal state,” however, relates to what happens after Judgment Day.

The Bible offers limited data points and unclear details about the intermediate state of the wicked. It frequently explains that the wicked are kept under punishment, waiting for Judgment Day. From what we can establish, this phase is temporary. This seems consistent with scriptures, like Peter explaining that God keeps the unrighteous under punishment until Judgment Day, and Matthew who explains God’s ultimate triumph over devils. However, our focus should be primarily on the eternal state, being the fundamental crux of Christianity, rather than these intermediate states.

Conversely, the eternal state of the faithful, the ultimate destiny of believers, is central to the Christian belief system. The Bible places immense emphasis on the triumphant climax of Christ’s return and the consequent glorification of believers. This eternal state underscores the hope and joy in Christianity, the victorious vision of believers sharing in Christ’s glory.

I urge everyone to delve deeper into this fascinating subject by watching the video titled “Eschatology Matters – An Exploration of Life after Death.” In it, Steve masterfully unpacks the sometimes puzzling aspects of life after death, giving valuable insights into the interpretations of Eschatology.

Remember, understanding Eschatology isn’t just about decoding the ‘end times.’ It illuminates our understanding of life, death, and the eternal experience, influencing our spiritual journey and reinforcing the ultimate hope in our Christian faith.

Eschatology reminds us that our current perspective of life after death influences the way we live on earth and impacts our faith journey. It urges us to focus on the truths and promises in the Bible, allowing these divine wordings to guide the way we understand and interpret life after death. It’s a thoughtful reminder that while we might have differing views on eschatology, the unity and love amongst believers bear witness to Jesus’s teachings and exemplify what it truly means to be part of God’s kingdom.

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