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Nice Things Others Have Said

Gary B.

WHAT A BOOK! The Bible speaks of now and forever as a continuation of a single existence. Consequently, much of the transcendent purpose God has for human life can only be properly discerned in light of eternity.

Such a perspective alone has the potential to revolutionize the universe!

David B.

This book is incredible. This book has been so edifying for me.

So few literary works out there willingly discuss the full effect of what God and His Kingdom coming here to Earth really mean.

I desperately needed this tonight. I’m midway through chapter 5 now, but… MAN. This is spot on.

J. Foster

This is a very important book, as it exposes some of evangelical Christianity’s biggest misconceptions about some very important subjects. But Barber doesn’t just make outlandish claims. His premises are backed up with solid exegesis and biblical support.

I like the fact that Mr. Barber is not content to just wax poetic on deep spiritual truths. He has a deep desire that we not only thoroughly understand and grasp scriptural truths, but that we direct this knowledge to application. That it actually changes our actions and approach to life. And he spends the last few chapters of the book outlining what such a change looks like.

Darrel W.

This is the message that will be at the heart of the next great awakening. It’s that powerful.

I can’t remember a more impactful book, personally.

The renewal of all things completely changes how I see my life, and I’ve got a lot of work to do to catch up!