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“Heavenly Identity” Coaching Package


Learn to live your individual life in light of eternity! Enroll in a hands-on, 1-on-1 coaching package for half-price.


• Personal, 1-on-1 Coaching session with me.

• 30 Days of Email Access

• 2x 30-Minute Follow-Up Calls to ensure that you’re progressing.

About the Coaching Package

Align your life with your identity.

99% of Christians have no idea who they are in Christ. That’s not an official stat, but you can clearly see it at work in our churches.

You feel the disconnect between who God says you are in Christ, and the person that shows up in your daily life. You feel lost, stuck, confused, and weak, when God’s Word says that in Christ you are strong, holy, powerful, wise, and Christ-like.

You want to live with clarity, purpose, integrity, authenticity, and effectiveness for God and the spread of His Kingdom.

This coaching package is designed to help you bring your life as a Christian into alignment with your identity as a Christian.

We will guide you through not only the immediate problems that you need to resolve, but the “problems” that arise after you’ve solved those first ones.

Maybe you’re looking to radically change your marriage, parenting, work, evangelism, or your own personal relationship with God, and you want a pastor and coach’s hand to guide you!

If that sounds like you, I strenuously recommend that you grab a coaching package with me and my team. We’ve seen all sorts of problems and we want to bring the good news of the Gospel and the message of this book to bear on those issues and help you move forward in confidence, and deepen your impact for God’s Kingdom.


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This is a 1-Hour Interview into your life, faith, and calling, paired with extended email support access & 2 30-Minute Follow-Up Calls.

The outcome is a plan of action to move you forward on the straightest path to fulfilling what God has called you to do, by becoming who God has called you to be.

Hour-Long Coaching Session

Days of Email Access

30-Minute Follow-Up Calls

“If you get the rare chance to work with Tim, do it. It’s worth every penny.” – Paul M.