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Join the 5-Day LIVE Event for Serious Christians who want to TRANSFORM their lives in light of God's Plan for Eternity!

Starting on June 20th-24th; lock in your “Early Bird” Pricing before Challenge Tickets go up to full price!

About the Challenge

Dear Christian…

You’ve gotten the book, and that’s wonderful. Thank you! But the book is only the beginning.

Don’t get me wrong, all of the teaching that you could possibly need to transform your life in light of eternity is within the book. I haven’t held anything back! But…

  • What if there were a whole community of people who were absolutely committed to living out the message of New Creation?
  • What if you’re just one breakthrough away from making a massive difference in your hope, joy, peace, and love for God — and a community is the way you discover how?
  • What if you’re one personalized insight away from toppling the lead domino that clears away all the obstacles between you and complete intimacy with God and impact for His Kingdom?

Now more than ever, we need serious Christians to come on fire for the beauty of God’s plans for the Universe… to gain courage and wisdom and passion for living lives worthy of God’s children.

Join me for 5 Days in the Heaven on Earth Challenge and learn not only how to live for God’s Kingdom, but how to be transformed by the renewing of your mind into the kind of Human that God blesses and calls His partner in the world!